Returns and Refunds


We aim to make shopping easier, and sometimes that means making return easier too. So there is no reason to keep an unwanted or damaged product. We’ll take it back. In fact, we’ll even cover the cost of the return.


Standard Return Policy

If we make a mistake in any way, we will cover 100% of the cost of correcting the issue. This means that if you receive the wrong item, there is a shipping delay or other issues, you just let us know. We’ll take care of it. We promise.

Sometimes, there doesn’t have to be an “error” for there to be a mistake. We get it. The reason for your return doesn’t matter. Tap your phone and we will come pickup your order.

As long as an item is in good condition, we will process your request and you will receive your refund within 24 hours of our receipt of the item. Depending on the reason for the return, your refund may be granted as a full cash refund using your original form of payment, or may be in the form of a refund credit that can then be used to shop on Upocket.

Don’t want a credit? Let us know and we’ll turn that frown upside down… we mean that credit back into cash or your original form of payment.


Third Party Return Policies

Upocket gets you the best deal on merchandise by taking advantage of our many retailers to find the lowest price for a product. This is great, until you realize that the limited edition Barbie doll your niece wanted was actually her little friend Skipper, and now you are out some cash and stuck with a toy you haven’t wanted to look at since the 90s, at least.

We allow shoppers to use one shopping cart to get items from all across the web, and as a result, we need to comply with the return policies of our retailers. If your item didn’t come out of a Upocket warehouse, then we need to find out where it did come from and check with them before allowing you to return your item to us.

Before you buy anything from us, you’ll see where it is coming from. This can help you feel a bit more secure in understanding the return policy of the seller you are shopping from. Of course, any item that has to be returned thanks to a mistake on our part will be refunded to you with no questions asked.

If the third party store allows refunds, or you are within the refund period of the original sale, then great! Whoever you bought the item from, Upocket is there to help with the return by providing a free return label. All shipping cost of the return is covered by us. We know, and you’re welcome.

Just as with our standard return policy, within 24 hours of requesting a return we will process your request and if it is approved, then a refund credit will be granted to your account. You can use this credit to shop anywhere on Upocket (so, anywhere). Of course, if you don’t want the refund we’ll switch it over to the original form of payment. You tell us what works best for you.


International Return Policy

Upocket works with buyers and sellers all over the world to bring the best deals to you. That means that sometimes, your return is going to have to wait in line at customs before reaching its destination.

For our purposes, it doesn’t matter if you purchased an engraved stick from Timbuktu or a porcelain apple from midtown, USA, our standard and third party return policies stay the same. If your item is eligible for return, then we’ll process it as speedily as we can and you won’t have to pay a dime of the international shipping costs.

Per usual, your refund will be credited to your account to be used for future shopping endeavors unless you request otherwise.


How do I return an item

Do you have fond memories of spending the day after a holiday in line at the store, looking at all the gifts other people got and didn’t want? Yeah, us neither. Those long lines are overdue to be done

Returning items bought at Upocket is simple. Log into upocket, find your order and tap request return and viola! You can sit back and watch a map of one of our drivers come to you and pick up the item.


Who handles return shipping fees?

The short answer is we do. The long answer, we do. Really, however you want this question answered, the answer is that return shipping is on us.

It doesn’t matter why you want to return the item. We will cover the cost of return shipping whether it was an accidental order, a gift you didn’t want or a mistake on the part of the seller. Return shipping is always on us.


What can be returned

Those pants looked great on you 6 months ago, but after wearing them every day and a couple dozen cupcakes later, they aren’t looking so hot. It’s a shame, but it isn’t necessarily a return.

When it comes to asking for a return, there are just a few simple criteria that we have to check. This includes:

  • The items must be in the same “new” condition they were in when received.
  • All original packaging and accessories must be used for a full refund.
  • Any media item, such as a movie, videogame, CD or computer software must be unopened.
  • Any electronic, television or musical instrument must have a UPC or serial number.
  • All shoes, clothing and other accessories must be unworn.


What should I do if I receive an incorrect or defective product

We would never expect you to hold onto an item that is damaged, defective or wrong in any way. If you do receive something that falls short of your expectations, tap request return and we will happily come and pick it up and provide you with an instant refund.